Point-to-Point Transfers

For local airport transfers (excluding DFW/DAL). Only vehicles with flat rates available are listed.

< 10 mi. 10-20 mi. > 20 mi.
SEDAN 68.32 96.38 Hourly
6 PAX SUV 143.96 164.70 Hourly
8 PAX LIMO 231.80 231.80 Hourly
10-14 PAX VAN 168.36 176.90 Hourly
12 PAX EXEC VAN 292.80 311.10 Hourly

Rates listed above are inclusive of all fees and surcharges.

In order to qualify for flat rate pricing, both the pickup and dropoff city must be covered in our all-inclusive airport rate list. If either city is not in this list, then the trip will require hourly pricing.

Flat transfer rates for limousines and vans are not available on Friday or Saturday evenings (5 PM pickup or later). Only hourly rates are in effect during that time.

Up to 2 extra stops “on the way” to your final destination are charged at $13 per stop. In the event a stop is not “on the way” or there are more than 2 total stops, then the trip will convert to an hourly trip (minimums will apply).

Wait Time – 1st 15 minutes are no charge, 2nd 15 minutes are billed @ $1.55 per minute. After 30 minutes from scheduled pickup time trip converts to hourly trip (minimums will apply).